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How to hack the system and upload Snapchat stories to your Instagram story

We’re all used to the fact that Instagram copied Snapchat. It has its pros and cons. Pro – you can now have the Insta-Snap experience within one platform. Con – if you love Snapchat, you’re not going to give it up, and now there is ANOTHER hungry content monster to feed. Social media lovers rejoice! We have got your back with this life-saving hack.

Snapchat filters have been popping up through Instagram stories. No – the gram has not upgraded its selfie filter game. So how do you get snaps onto your Instagram Story?

The Recipe

What you will need:

  •  Snapchat
  • Camera Roll
  • Instagram


1. Use Snapchat as per usual. Add emojis, filters, colourful text or hilarious face swaps as desired.

snapchat lion filter
Image via The Debrief

2. Before posting, click the save button. Alternatively, head to your Snapchat Story and save from there. This is useful for saving a series of videos or images.

how to save a snapchat save a snapchat from snapchat story
Images via Snapchat Support

3. Open Instagram and tap to create a new story.

create a new instagram story
Image via Instagram

4. Swipe down to reveal saved images from the last 24 hours and tap to add to the story.

add snapchat story to instagram story
Image via Buzzfeed

5. Select & publish!

It’s a simple as that! However, as responsible marketers, we must caution against posting the same content in the same way on multiple platforms. Make sure you consider the difference between your Snapchat audience and your Instagram audience. Don’t leave your Insta-fans feeling like they are getting served up seconds. Show a little original love on there too.

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