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Content Ideas for Instagram

Instagram is an important way for people to share their story. However, users expect you to post regularly on the platform. It’s often hard to find inspiration on what to post, so here are some content ideas for your next Instagram post!

Resharing influencer posts

When you’re all out of images to post, simply reshare influencer posts! You can reshare any image that you feel suits your brand. It’s common courtesy to tag the creator in the post; otherwise, you’re claiming the image as your own. To reshare an image, you can simply screenshot, or you can use a reposting app. Additionally, encourage your customers to tag you when they post images of your product/s, and share these on your Instagram page. repost from influencer

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Show your personal side

People are curious and love to know you on a more personal level. Images on Instagram that show your personal side often have far higher engagement. More and more brands are sharing behind the scenes photos to create an authentic voice. Whether it’s behind the scenes at the office or a snap of your coffee meeting, it’s something quick and easy to share on your Instagram account.

bench accounting behind the scenes

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A quote is always a good image to post when you’re out of ideas for Instagram content. They’re easy to make, and get good engagement! Users love to share and tag their friends in the comments. You can choose an inspirational quote or a funny one so long as it is aimed at your audience and aligns with your values. A little research into your niche and you’ll find a quote related to your brand.


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Pop culture

Instagram user’s love pop culture as it’s so influential on people’s everyday lives. Pop culture allows people to identify collectively and bond. Whether it’s an exercise trend or the latest gossip about the Kardashians, it’s sure to be a hit.


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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday (often referred to as TBT) gives you the opportunity to repost your old images every Thursday. The possibilities are endless, as you can reshare any of your old nostalgic images again. Or instead of just on Thursdays, use #throwback any day of the week.


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Image via @starwars

You’ve now got some inspiration and ideas for content to share on your Instagram! These content ideas are sure to help when you’re lacking inspiration. Are you looking for influencers to get the perfect shot for you to repost? Email us at

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