Sleigh Your Christmas Marketing with Influencer Magic!

‘Tis the season to boost your holiday sales and sleigh your Christmas marketing! 

Christmas is the perfect time to make your brand stand out in the crowded holiday market. But how can you cut through the noise of seasonal brand messaging? The answer lies in the power of Influencer Marketing. In this blog post, we’ll share our tips to help you authentically boost your sales during this merry time of year.

1. Activate Your Influencers Early

The key to effective influencer activation during Christmas is to start early. Running an Influencer Marketing campaign in the months leading up to Christmas ensures that your brand is top of mind and generates consumer excitment. The age-old “3 touchpoint” marketing rule shows that it can take a minimum of 3 brand interactions to encourage a purchase decision. Getting in early and leveraging your customers as influencers to share their genuine love for your brand is the first step towards authentic word-of-mouth recommendations. 

2. Deck Your Feeds with Gorgeous User Generated Content

In addition to its remarkable customer conversion capabilities, Influencer Marketing presents a superb approach for producing new holiday-themed content without having to expand your creative team. By initiating an Influencer Marketing campaign, you gain the advantage of effortlessly re-using the compelling content crafted by your gifted influencers. This content can be swiftly shared across your brand’s social media platforms, providing a speedy and efficient method to embellish your feeds with festive material that perfectly encapsulates the holiday spirit.

3. Unwrap Your Best Performing Content with Influencers

Influencer Marketing provides an easy solution for brands to establish a branded content deck brimming with captivating visuals. Embarking on an early Christmas-themed campaign allows brands to accumulate a treasure trove of imaginative, conversion-provoking content, primed and ready for deployment across various formats, such as print and social ads, when your holiday promotions are in full swing.

In summary, Influencer Marketing stands as your clandestine tool for elevating your Christmas marketing endeavours. By activating influencers in advance, embellishing your social media feeds with their content, and constructing a reservoir of branded materials, you’ll be well-prepared for a prosperous festive season. Seize the opportunity to genuinely connect with your audience and amplify your holiday sales. 

Happy marketing, and may your Christmas be replete with triumph!

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