Influencer Marketing Trends for 2022

At The Exposure Co. we’ve had the chance to work with a variety of brands, promoting an extremely diverse array of products and services, giving us insight into the up-and-coming trends for 2022…

In 2021 we saw TikTok grow over 45%, recording over 1 billion monthly users. These trends have resulted in a huge demand for TikTok content promoting a range of products and services. We have also noticed campaigns with Micro influencers and authentic content are attracting super high engagement.


Video Content will Reign Supreme in 2022

The rise in popularity for TikTok influencers has been reflected on Instagram through an increase in ‘reels’. These videos allow brands and influencers to increase their engagement and reach a wider audience due to the difference in algorithm to a regular feed post.

A huge trend for 2022 will be to diversify content across multiple platforms using a range of media. Already in 2022, we have seen brands reach a larger audience through engaging influencers to create reels and/or TikToks (on top of traditional feed posts and stories). In other words, video content will reign supreme in 2022.


Good things come in small packages

The demand for Micro Influencers (1k-10k followers) in 2022 is on a steep incline! These small but mighty influencers have very loyal followings, and their content appears a lot more authentic. Most notably, Micro Influencers have super high engagement rates at a much more affordable price, allowing brands to secure multiple influencers with highly interactive and engaged followings. In other words, good things come in small packages.


Authenticity Over Perfection

In 2022 we will be seeing a further push for more authentic, less filtered, ‘real’ influencer content. Picture less stylised content shoots, with followers demanding a more genuine representation of influencers. Consumers appear to be highly engaged in content of influencers organically trialling products and giving their honest review. In other words, authenticity over perfection.

Think there’s something we’ve missed? Contact us or comment below your influencer marketing predictions for 2022!


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