Influencer Marketing Trends for 2019

The New Year means New Predictions for how we believe Influencer Marketing will evolve in 2019. If you are reading this article, you must be keen to beat the rest and get the inside knowledge of Influencer Marketing success in 2019. I know I am, so here we go!


What we know:


  • Influencer Marketing is now part of the ‘norm’. If you’re a brand who hasn’t started working with influencers, it’s likely you’ll fall behind the pack.
  • Influencer Marketing is getting stronger and stronger. Don’t let clickbait fool you, it may be the ‘norm’ now but that doesn’t mean it’s done, it’s just evolving into something
  • You don’t have to be a celebrity or have millions of followers to be an Influencer. Mega Influencers, Macro Influencers, Micro Influencers and Nano influencers all serve as powerful tools for brands.

Following from what we already know, it leads me into my predications.


Influencers will start doing more than just “sponsored posts” to earn money. Influencer eBooks, photo presets, merchandise and self-run podcasts will be BIG in 2019.


Like I said, Influencer Marketing is now part of the ‘norm’. It’s time for Influencers to dig deeper and dip their toes into new territory. Influencer eBook’s, merchandise and self-run podcasts are going to dominate this year. It’s no longer just about the mainstream sponsored posts for branded promotions.



Brands will collaborate with Influencers in multiple ways. Brand Ambassadorships, Event Appearances, Offline Events and Influencer Experiences will become more popular.


I think this one may be my favourite. Adding a human touch to Influencer Marketing is a way to truly connectwith your followers and build long term loyalty with your followers. Keeping it real is key. Collaborating with influencers in multiple ways will expand the community base for the brands. Event appearances and offline events will grant the opportunity of seeing and meeting your favourite Influencers, not just seeing them through a screen.


Video content will be BIG.


Consumers today want to see branded offerings in action and what better way to do so than with videos.  Video content is more likely to engage and spark emotion. With a video you can present a product in a conversation, and engage the viewer through story telling. Influencers’ can share their personal experiences about a product or service, in an open and vulnerable manner. This allows the audience to relate on a more personal level, as if talking with a friend or co-worker, to achieving the holy grail of marketing – i.e. “Word of Mouth”.


Brands Will Cultivate Long-Terms Relationships with Influencers


The whole concept of content marketing is based on trust and creating long-term relationships. A long-term relationship in any situation will build more trust over a short term relationship. From a viewer’s perspective, when you have been following an influencer working with a brand for a long period of time, it’s clear they genuinely love and believe in the brand they are promoting. When you compare this to short term/one-off influencer campaign, it’s easy to assume they are promoting a product for money, not for the genuine belief in the product.


Rumours of Influencer Marketing dying were clickbait, however, does the same apply for Facebook’s User Base Stagnating or Falling?


For the first time since Facebook’s blow up, Facebook numbers are falling. In the previous year, Facebook users fell from 67% of Americans aged 12 and older to 62%. This decrease has been steady among all age groups and genders.Coincidently enough, over the last couple of years, I have noticed myself genuinely using Facebook a lot less than I use to, I barely even scroll down my newsfeed anymore. So what will actually happen when Facebook numbers fall? That’s a prediction for another article.

We would love to hear your predictions for 2019, comment below!



Emma McCoy Lovell is a beginner in her blog writing and has a strong interest in social media along with all its aspects. Her goal is to become a social media expert with blog writing to photography, management and more. Emma lives for all plant-based food and may have a slight obsession with fries.

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