Here’s What You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing in 2020

2019 saw huge developments for Influencer Marketing. We saw the removal of likes on Instagram, the uprising of new platforms such as TikTok, and the switch from carefully curated feeds to a more authentic delivery of influencer content.

As in previous years, we have continued to watch Influencer marketing go from strength to strength, and with budgets set to increase in 2020, this year is gearing up to be no exception.

In this evolving industry, it’s important to keep up to date with the developments to ensure you’re getting the most out of your campaigns. We’ve outlined what’s in store for this year to ensure you keep up to date. 

Brands will use influencer content across their marketing channels 

This year we will see more brands purchasing licensing rights to re-purpose high-performing influencer content over a range of their owned marketing channels such as print, outdoor and digital ads (including paid amplification). 

By integrating influencer content into their online and offline marketing materials, brands will be able to reach wider audiences with content that appeals and resonates with them. View our range of content creation offerings here

It’s time to invest in analytics tools and software (or fall behind!) 

With less focus on likes, brands can no longer hide behind simple metrics like the number of followers and likes when choosing their influencers and measuring their results. As the industry matures, as has the level of sophistication of the data, technology and learning in the space, meaning brands can no longer win by merely throwing influencers with lots of followers into the mix. 

Analytics tools and software which detail audience demographics, impressions, and other comprehensive influencer data are essential to ensure effective campaign success. Contact us about our analytics tools here

Long-term partnerships have more impact than once-off posts

As the influencer space becomes more saturated, one-off sponsored posts are no longer enough to bring results to some brands. Everyday consumers are savvier and grow weary of creators and influencers who promote multiple brands at a time with fewer posts.

Research shows it can now take 6 touches from the one influencer account to make a sale.

Campaigns will run further than Instagram 

As the popular social media channels mature, and new ones pop up (hey TikTok!), we’re seeing more influencers telling their stories across multiple platforms. This multi-channel promotion allows influencers and brands to leverage the unique benefits of different channels via the one influencer. You can view our top influencer platforms here

Have something that we’ve missed? Comment below your influencer marketing predictions for 2020!

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