Influencer Q&A with Ezra Moran from @ezramorann

Influencer Q&A with Ezra Moran from @ezramorann

In today’s influencer Q&A we sit down with Ezra Moran from @ezramorann. We chat with Ezra about her top tips for taking an amazing photo, how to build your influence online and what we can expect from her over the next 6 months.

Tell us a bit about your background and how you came about starting @ezramorann.

When I was really young my grandparents passed me down a small camera & I thought it was literally the coolest thing ever. I took photos of anything & everything. I would also create my own photo shoots in the back yard & take so many selfies of myself – i’d say I was like as young as 10/11. By the school holidays of grade 9 (2013) when instagram was first really becoming a thing, I would be so bored & I would just do my makeup & take loads of selfies. I was really into instagram & would literally spend hours on the app going through makeup & fashion inspiration accounts. I’ve grown more love for it as I’ve gotten older & as the app has progressed over time. I’ve also started modelling a bit which has been a dream come true & I really love sharing those photos & showing off the clothes I wear. From there I’ve started getting some small fashion & beauty collaborations & I really just love creating that kind of content, building a brand for myself & a community of girls!

Your shots are flawless, can you share some of your top tips for nailing a photo?

Just be as natural as possible & make yourself super comfortable! I find some of the best photos are the candid ones where i’m not really trying to do a particular pose – it just comes together somehow! Also if you’re taking photos on your own, self timer is a life changer. I also will take a video of myself doing random poses & then go back & screenshot the best ones to make a photo!!

Do you have any tips for influencers looking to market themselves on social media?

My tips would be to just stay true to your passion, find your niche & be your absolute self! People will love you for it & really appreciate it as well as they will be able to relate to your more. Start building relationships with brands & commenting on their pics. Really seems to help 🙂

Describe your perfect day.

My perfect day would definitely consist of a small sleep in, a coffee in bed & stay in my comfy pj’s all day! Watch movies & snuggle with my boyfriend. OR a girls day getting pampered, taking pics, getting nails done, breaky or lunch date etc!

We love following your journey, what can we expect to see on @ezramorann over the next 6 months?

Over the next 6 months you could hope to see more killer content from me, hopefully more amazing photo shoots & have built a bigger community of great women on my platform! More fashion & beauty inspiration! I do have some big dreams & aspirations, not quite sure how to make them happen yet but we’ll see so stay tuned!! I really just feel deeply in my bones that big things are coming.

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