Influencer Q&A with Sera Wright from @photography_byron_bay

With soft pastels, beautiful skylines and sparking oceans aplenty,  Sera Wright’s instagram @photography_byron_bay is brimming with beauty. Today she shares her top tips for influencers looking to work with brands, her favourite places to shoot and some exciting plans for next year!


Tell us a bit about your background and how you came about starting @photography_byron_bay.


I was born and raised in Byron Bay and I am the fourth generation of a local Byron Bay family. I am travel, landscape and lifestyle photographer and digital influencer.

Photography Byron Bay is the name of my photography business, which I started well before I started using Instagram. I’ve always loved taking photos from a young age and after I started sharing images on my facebook and having requests from people to buy my images in print, I then progressed to my website and then instagram. Travel photography and digital influencing wasn’t something that I planned on doing, I kind of just fell into it. I started my Instagram account less than 2 years ago to share photos of my adventures and daily sunset and sunrises and it’s naturally progressed from there.


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Do you remember what sparked your interest in photography?


Growing up in Byron Bay it was easy to be inspired by the natural landscape around me. I am self taught and I was inspired at an early age by my parents copies of National Geographic Magazines. We camped a lot when I was younger and traveled a little bit and I was always fascinated in capturing the natural world.

You’ve worked with some amazing travel brands! Do you have any tips for influencers looking to work with brands?


I’ve been lucky enough that I’ve never had to approach travel or tourism brands for work, they’ve always approached me to work for them. I guess because my style is a little unique and different than the norm it stands out.

My advice would be, be yourself, don’t try and copy other people or conform to a certain style, try and stand out from the crowd. Stay true to yourself and it will show through your photos. Brands like variety and something a little different.


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Where’s your favourite place to shoot?

Anywhere around Byron ofcourse. Sunrise shots from the beach, then anywhere in the Byron hinterland, there is so many beautiful places so close to home.


Describe your perfect day.


Waking up in my Swag just before sunrise in a new and exciting location. Capturing a beautiful sunrise, a cup of chai in my camp chair, then a day full of bushwalking and exploring followed by a sunset shoot. Ending the day by the campfire under the stars. Nothing beats camping, especially when you’re miles away from anyone else.


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We love following your Instagram journey, what can we expect to see from @photography_byron_bay over the next year?


I have quite a few travel campaigns coming up over the next 12 months, Internationally and within Australia. I can’t tell you exact locations but they’re pretty exciting!

My partner and I have just finished fitting out our 4WD ute with a trayback canopy on the back which we can sleep in and has the full set up so we can be self sufficient anywhere we want to go. We’ve got lots of roadtrips planned, especially within Queensland and New South Wales, then plan to do the full trip around Australia, so keep your eyes peeled!


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