Influencer Q&A with Benjamin Lee from @itchban

When discussing leading Australian photographers, Benjamin Lee from @itchban immediately springs to mind. With an account filled with nothing but adventure and beauty, he is one to watch. Today he shares with us his favourite place to shoot and what inspires his creativity.


Tell us a bit about your background and how you came about starting @itchban


Two years ago I quit my regular, safe, office job in search of something better. With no plan other than taking a break from working, the months that followed involved me enjoying life: meeting friends for coffee, exploring & hiking our national parks, visiting museums and galleries – the way life is meant to be lived.

That was about the time I bought my first camera and started my blog. I figured I might as well record some of the amazing places I was exploring. Soon after that Instagram picked me up and put me on their suggested user list and my following exploded.

That sent me on a career path that I would have never anticipated. Today I freelance in Photography and content creation and wonder why I didn’t quit my office job sooner.


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Your photos are breathtaking, what sparked your interest in photography?


Free time and an interest in exploring mostly. I’m self taught and relatively new to photography (picked up my very first camera 2 years ago). I remember seeing all this amazing work on Instagram during the earlier days and thinking that I could be doing that.


It seems you are always exploring somewhere new and exciting! Do you have a favourite place to shoot?


I try to explore as many new places as I can as I think it helps keep both me and my audience inspired. It also becomes a challenge to dig deep and find new locations – hopefully places that people haven’t seen before.

I have a connection with the ocean and water in general so I like to shoot along the coast. The ocean brings me a sense of freedom, calm and peace and I feel like this translates well in my work.


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Where do you get your creative inspiration?


Knowing how big the world is and how little time we have on it motivates me to try and capture the moments that mean the most to me.

I also try to focus not only on taking photos myself, but viewing the work of other photographers and cinematographers. I feel this is a very important and overlooked component in furthering your own photography. Viewing other people’s work helps you learn more about what you like & don’t like about photography which is crucial in developing your own aesthetic.


When you’re not taking photos, what do you love to do in your time off?


I like to always stay busy. I blog over at and have also started dabbling in video & cinematography which is an exciting new area of interest for me.

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We love following your journey, what can we expect to see on @itchban over the next year?


You can definitely expect to see more adventure & travel content from me. I’ve got plans to build out my brand and integrate and expand my blog, cinematography and photography.

Follow along @itchban and on my blog.

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