Five Australian Influencers with Great Interior Style

2020 was a historic year with the global pandemic keeping us home more than ever. These extraordinary times provided all types of challenges for creatives around the country – one being content creation. With stay-at-home orders in place for a large part of the year, Influencers had to improvise. Luckily for us, we were given more of an insight into our favourite creators, whose homes are as perfectly curated as their Instagram grids.

In this blog post, we have chosen five Australian Influencers whose interior styles exude their own personal brand of cool.

Lisa Danielle Smith



Lisa, an expert in digital and creative content, lives in Byron Bay with her growing family. Her beautiful home, inspired by her travels, boasts a well-balanced layering of different textures that gives the space a laid-back but stylish feel. The earthy neutral colour palette used throughout, provides a serene and peaceful atmosphere – a wonderful place to enjoy raising her young daughter, Gigi!


Jasmine Dowling



Jasmine Dowling’s Brisbane residence has inspired us for some time now, as it is a pastel dream! As a graphic designer, letterer, product styler, photographer and blogger, Jasmine has an eye for the composition of beautiful things. This is seen through her polished interior style, where each area is thoughtfully and elegantly arranged. Dowling’s colour scheme is subdued, typically sticking to pastels and nudes. This gives the space a sense of luxury, while creating calming visuals.


Lillian Ahenkan



Sydney resident, Lillian Ahenkan a.k.a FlexMami is not tied down to one profession with DJ, TV Presenter, Designer and Podcaster, currently on her ever-expanding resume.

True to Flex’s personality and personal style, everything in her home is a bright and vibrant hue, arranged together perfectly. Much of the furniture seen has been thrifted and skilfully D.I.Y’ed, inspiring many of her followers to do the same (see foam mirror trend). These projects are constantly evolving as her tastes change, so expect more cool and exciting things in the future!


Abbey Ginns



Abbey Ginn, a model and designer, lives on the Sunshine Coast with her family in an open plan home, filled with lovely natural light. Her furnishings (many from her own line, Huski Studios) are clean and minimal, incorporating natural wood materials and neutral colour – perfectly fitting the nature surrounding her home. Ginn’s laid-back and effortless style is reflected in her home through the artwork and plants she has chosen to tie the space together.


Rowi Singh



Rowi Singh, a creative living in Sydney, is known for her wonderfully bold makeup looks that intertwine her Indian culture with her love of daring colour. Her home, an eclectic mixture of vintage textures and striking contemporary colour, echoes this style. Singh takes pride in her second-hand gems, integrating them effortlessly with newer furnishings to create a trendy yet comfortable space.


All images used are from the Influencers personal Instagram accounts




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