Top Australian Instagram Influencers to follow in 2019!

Who we follow on social media, even if we are aware of it or not, has an influence on our lives. For this reason, it pays to be mindful of who you follow. Many of our favourite Instagram influencers post content to have a positive and inspirational influence on their followers and they deserve huge credit for that! But not all accounts are created to make us feel good. If your Instagram feed is making you feel less than motivated, it’s time for a spring clean! Today we are excited to share our top Australian Instagram influencers to follow in 2019.

First up, we have…


Sarah Stevenson (aka Sarah’s day) is a Sydney based health and lifestyle Influencer to fans of over 800k on Instagram and 1.1 million on Youtube. She keeps it real, is authentically herself AND brings real value through her holistic health & fitness lifestyle. PLUS she recently gave birth to her first baby boy! Congrats Sarah!


Amongst this huge accomplishment in Sarah’s Life, she is an inspiration from a wellness AND business perspective. Her business endeavours include:

• Her own Activewear range in collaboration with White Fox Boutique
• Her own Deluxe Fruit and Nut Mix in collaboration with Loving Earth
• The creation of TWO eBooks – Sweat It To Shred it and Sweat It Reload where you can also purchase her Sezzy Timer App!

If you don’t already follow Sarah, check her out and let us know your thoughts – you will be in for a refreshing dose of real, holistic health. Keep up the amazing work Sarah!


Steph Claire Smith is a Melbourne Based influencer, model and businesswoman. Steph won Lifestyle Influencer Of The Year in 2018 and continues to be a positive inspiration to her large Instagram following of over 1.4 million! Go Steph!

Steph shares her day to day life which involves modelling shots (final products and behind the scenes), fitness workouts, new business ventures, travelling pics, positive messages and more. She is killing it as an influencer AND businesswoman and it’s truly empowering!


Steph is also the co-founder of Soda Shades, Midnightco AND Keep It Cleaner, Co-author of A Girl’s Guide to Kicking Goals and the face of Bondi Sands. Did we mention she’s also been on the cover of Women’s Health Magazine?

Steph is seriously killing it and if you are in need of daily all-round inspiration you can find her here.


Chloe Szepanowski is a Melbourne Based Influencer who focuses on fashion, lifestyle and holistic health. Chloe has over 504K followers on her main Instagram where she shares all her fashion and lifestyle shots (plus photos of her cute pup!).
Chloe posts all her health, wellness and fitness content on @szepfit. She keeps it real and shares her personal experiences with the aim of helping others!


Although only 20 years old, she has recently launched her own activewear line – SZEP. Already achieving so much at a young age is very inspiring to her young female audience. She is seriously kicking goals and we are excited about what she has installed in the future.

There you have our Top 3 Australian Instagram Influencers to follow in 2019! We love influencers, particularly the ones provide authentic content that could be of value to you. Would you add any other Instagram Influencers to this list? Maybe some of these micro instagram influencers? Leave us a comment below with your favourites!


Emma McCoy Lovell is a Food, Heath, and Social Media Enthusiast. Emma is originally from New Zealand but is now based in Melbourne, Australia for a change of lifestyle and opportunity. She is a beginner in her blog writing and has a strong interest in social media along with all its aspects. Her goal is to become a social media expert with skills in blog writing, photography, management and more.

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