Here’s why your influencer marketing campaign failed

Have you run an influencer marketing campaign and didn’t reap the results you’d hoped for? Our influencer manager, Victoria, recently shared the main reasons Influencer campaigns fail here.

The key takeaways?

Your campaign flopped because…

You’re not treating influencers likes customers

Chances are the influencers you’re looking for aren’t sitting on a platform waiting for another branded offer to squeeze onto their already overcrowded, over-sponsored feed. Brands need to get out there and win them over like they would a potential customer.

You’re ignoring audience insights

If you aren’t looking at your influencer’s audience insights, you’ve already set your campaign up for failure. How do you access these insights? Ask them. Or don’t, get in touch and ask us about our Insights tool instead.

You’re overlooking crucial aspects of the campaign

Running a successful campaign is much more than simply engaging the right influencer. You need to combine the right strategy, with the right influencer, on the right platform. Get one wrong and the whole campaign can crumble.

Read the full article here.

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