Research Shows Grammers Like To Shop + A Few Other Facts For Marketers

In December 2014, Instagram announced that users grew by 50% in the previous nine months, and growth has continued right through 2015 with no sign of slowing down yet. So what does this mean for marketers? In one word, opportunity! Here are some fun facts that marketers should consider when it comes to Instagram and adding it to the marketing mix stat.

Instagram Users Like To Shop

Similar to Pinterest, Instagram users like to shop and often use the social platform to research products, trends and brands before making a purchase. If a brand has a beautiful, informative Instagram feed that is updated regularly, users see it as adding value to the shopping experience. It also helps brands to visually show users what their product and ethos is all about, which can ultimately influence buying decisions.

the rue collective

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Instagram Audiences Are Engaged

Studies have shown that Instagram’s rate of engagement is actually higher than Twitter and other social media platforms, so it would be crazy not to capitalise on the opportunity to build an engaged relationship with your audience. The platform makes it easy to comment, like, tag and share images, and users are comfortable doing so, especially when there is an incentive for them. It’s also much easier to gain followers on Instagram than it is on Twitter, so make the most of it while the audience is active and engaged.

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Instagram Audiences Are Young

If your target market is anywhere from 14 to 40, then you can almost guarantee you’ll find great success on Instagram if the content is right. Instagram appeals to a younger audience, so while parents and grandparents are on Facebook now, Instagram is still relatively inhabited by the younger folk. Work with a content producer who knows your product and the target audience and get them to develop exclusive Instagram content. It will do wonders for brand awareness.

Hannah perera

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A Picture Is Worth One Thousand Words

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this couldn’t be truer on Instagram. Instagram is the perfect hub to foster word-of-mouth recommendations from loyal supporters, so take advantage of it. Whether that be commenting on and liking user generated pictures of the brand, gifting products to trustworthy influencers or including your social media handles in all marketing efforts, make it easy for users to access and experience your brand on Instagram.

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What do you love to see from the brands you follow on Instagram? Tell us in the comments below and let marketers in on a little inside goss.

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