YouTube Influencers

YouTube is a unique social media platform that has made it possible for anyone to become a celebrity. YouTube is now a source of entertainment, where viewers can find everything from comedy to makeup tutorials to lifestyle vlogs and even TV shows. YouTube influencer marketing is one of the best ways for brands to reach their target audiences in a fun and authentic way. Here are some of the top YouTube influencers currently posting videos.


Felix Kjellberg: Kjellberg is better known by his YouTube channel name, PewDiePie. He has 102 million subscribers, more than any other channel on the platform. He shares videos of himself playing video games, and is known for posting videos of himself playing video games as well as general comedy videos.


James Charles: This 20 year old YouTuber is already one of the most successful YouTube beauty influencers. He posts makeup tutorials, product reviews, and fun collaborations with other YouTubers. He currently has 16.6 million subscribers.


Georgia Productions: Georgia is a rising teenage comedian who has already amassed a following of approximately 760,000 subscribers. She’s also one of the most prominent Australian YouTube influencers. She posts relatable comedy videos that often go viral.


Promise Tamang Phan: Phan is known by her YouTube moniker, dope2111. She uses makeup and fashion to transform herself into various celebrities and fictional characters. Some of her most popular videos are transformations into Disney characters. She currently has nearly 6 million subscribers.


Anastasia Radzinskaya: ‘Kidtube’ has become one of the most popular niches on the platform, and this 5-year-old, who goes by her nickname Nastya, is one of the most successful. She and her dad work together to make fun and soothing videos for kids. Her parents initially started her channel to document her progress as she deals with cerebral palsy.


Dude Perfect: This YouTube channel is a collaboration between five 30-something men who love sports and stunts. Most of their videos feature different types of trick shots, although they occasionally post comedy videos as well. They’ve recently scored a contract with Nickelodeon.

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