Wellness Influencers

Instagram’s top wellness influencers use social media to encourage their followers to live a healthy lifestyle. This often includes posts about a healthy, well-rounded diet, meditation and mental health, stretching and workouts, and other things that factor into a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the top health and wellness influencers online for when you need a little bit of inspiration.


Candice Kumai: Dubbed ‘the golden girl of wellness’ by Elle and Forbes magazines, Kumai is a classically trained chef who has appeared on the Food Network and has released several cookbooks with a focus on healthy eating. She has also contributed to many popular wellness magazines and shares her wellness tips and recipes on her website and Instagram. Her latest book, Kintsugi Wellness, is inspired by a Japanese approach to wellness.


Jo Encarnacion: Encarnacion is a wellness blogger based in San Francisco, otherwise known as @gofitjo. She works as a life coach and posts about wellness in many different aspects of life, from fitness to beauty to home and much more. Her posts always incorporate beautiful photography and thoughtful wellness insight.


Massy Arias: Arias is a health and wellness blogger who is originally from the Dominican Republic. She is known for posting unique and inspiring workout routines that you can do anywhere, making it easier to fit a workout into your day. Her app, Empowered, is full of sustainable recipes and meal plans as well as workouts that are easy to follow.


Jules Hunt: Hunt is a lifestyle and wellness blogger from Austin, Texas. Her website and Instagram are called Om and the City, and she uses them to share her favorite yoga routines, ethical products, mindfulness tips, and more. She has several ebooks and online courses where she shares her accessible approach to a healthy life.


Sjana Elise: Sjana is one of the top Australian wellness influencers online. She uses her Instagram and YouTube to share her fun yoga routines as well as her travel diaries, sustainable product reviews, and vegan recipes. She is very open about her struggles with mental health and shares mindfulness and mental health tips online. Outside of Instagram and YouTube, she teaches yoga and models.

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