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Instagram and YouTube have become the perfect place for people to share their travel experiences online, which has given rise to a whole industry of Instagram travel influencers. The top travel influencers take their followers along with them on a global journey, with photos and videos detailing their experiences and travel tips. Here are some of the best travel bloggers on Instagram to satisfy your wanderlust.


Kiersten Rich: Rich is known for her ultra-successful travel blog, The Blonde Abroad, and its corresponding Instagram account, which currently has approximately 566,000 followers. Originally from California, Rich quit her job in corporate finance to travel the world. Her blog focuses on solo travel for women, providing tips and itineraries for amazing experiences around the world.


Tara Whiteman: Tara Whiteman, known online as @taramilktea, is one of the most visible Australian travel influencers. Her gorgeous Instagram feed features luxury hotels, delicious food, and jaw-dropping views from destinations around the world. Whiteman is originally from New South Wales, but has visited and lived in destinations around the world and is widely considered one of the best travel influencers online.


Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen: This couple has become a travel blogging powerhouse, sharing their beautiful photos on their Instagrams, @doyoutravel and @gypsea_lust. The couple is currently living in Bali, but shares magical photos from destinations they visit around the world. Bullen is also known for her laid-back style, and many of her posts feature trendy travel outfits.


Murad and Nataly Osmann: These two are another enviable travel couple, known for starting the hashtag #followmeto, which features Murad holding Nataly’s hand as she ventures forward into a new destination. They use this photo series to showcase Nataly’s stunning outfits, which often feature pieces by local designers. They’re based in Moscow but have traveled all over the globe, capturing some of the world’s most stunning scenery in the process.


Jack Harding: If you love landscape and nature photography, Jack Harding’s Instagram is a must-follow. He’s attracted 300,000 followers thanks to his simple but compelling photos of nature around the world.

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