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Pinterest is a popular social media platform that fosters creativity and inspiration. Users can create boards and ‘pin’ content from all over the internet to revisit for new ideas. Popular Pinterest themes include fashion, weddings, home decor, and cooking, but you can use it to save any type of content. You can find Pinterest influencers for your brand to work with as well. Many influencers rely on Pinterest to drive traffic to their blogs and other platforms. Here are a few of the influencers who have the biggest presence on Pinterest.


Elizabeth Yong: Yong is one of the top Australian Pinterest influencers sharing her content online. She is based in Melbourne, where she runs a clothing brand called Primoeza. Her Pinterest boards feature minimalist styles, with a focus on fashion and interior design.


Joy Cho: Cho is the founder of the brand Oh Joy, which has a cute and colorful aesthetic. On her boards, you’ll find plenty of pink, and inspiration for absolutely everything, from fashion to food to parenting. Cho gets over 6.6 million views on her boards every month, making her one of the most influential people on the platform.


Sophia & Anna K.: Sophia and Anna run the popular lifestyle blog Pejper, and use Pinterest to share even more beautiful content. They are based in Sweden, and their Pinterest boards perfectly represent minimalist Scandinavian style. Their most popular boards focus on interior design, but they also have boards that feature beautiful photography, favorite products, and fashion inspiration.


Bekka Palmer: Palmer is another one of the top Pinterest influencers posting today. She works as a photographer and textile artist, and uses Pinterest to share her favorite artwork, crafts, decor, and more. Her aesthetic is fun, quirky, and colorful. She’s based in Brooklyn but often travels to new destinations.


Maryann Rizzo: Rizzo runs one of the top interior design accounts on Pinterest. All of her boards focus on home decor and design, and you can search through them to find any type of interior design inspiration you might want. She also runs an interior design Tumblr account called Curated Style.

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