Perth Influencers

With its stunning coastline and growing cultural scene, it’s no surprise that Perth has been attracting an increasing number of social media influencers in recent years. Western Australia’s capital offers many of the benefits of other Australian cities, but in a more laid-back atmosphere.


Top Perth Instagram influencers can be found modeling trendy swimwear on the beach, hiking through the city’s many natural areas, or enjoying the city’s growing food and art scene. Western Australia’s lively, youthful atmosphere draws in exciting young influencers. Perth’s influencers aren’t just fashion and beauty mavens – there’s also influencers like Ethan Marrell, who shares comedy videos on his channel Ozzy Man Reviews.


Here are some more of our favorite Perth-based content creators making a splash on the social scene.


Lauren Curtis (@lozcurtis)

Curtis was one of the original beauty YouTubers, and has built a channel with over 3.5 million subscribers. She also has over 1 million followers on Instagram, where she shares her beauty and skincare tips.


Amanda Bisk (@amandabisk)

Bisk is one of the top fitness influencers in Australia, sharing her workouts on YouTube, Instagram, and her own personal website. She is a former competitive pole vaulter, and has used her experience as an athlete to create exciting fitness content.


Helen Janneson Bense (@gypsylovinlight)

Bense is a popular travel and fashion influencer, and her Instagram has a charming beachy aesthetic that her followers can’t get enough of. She shares her favorite travel destinations, stunning travel outfits, and favorite products, often collaborating with popular lifestyle brands.


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