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Instagram has quickly become one of the world’s biggest and most influential social media platforms. With both photo and video components, Instagram makes it easy for users to share many different aspects of their lives. You can find Instagram influencers in every industry, from fashion to food to sustainable living and so much more.


But as popularity in the market grows, it’s becoming more and more difficult for brands to stand out and run successful influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram.


The Instagram landscape is crowded – particularly in popular niches such as fashion and beauty, so it’s important for brands to carefully decide who they’d like to collaborate with, and in what manner. Nowadays influencer marketing is less and less about being a once or twice a year campaign tactic, and more about an always on strategy. As influencer marketing becomes more popular and therefore competitive, it is important for brands to turn to the experts when creating their strategy and measuring their results.


When deciding on Instagram influencers, it’s important to work with those whose values align with your brands values.  “Influence” can also be measured through a wide range of metrics which include, but are not limited to, engagement rate, follower size and/or average reach.


Here at The Exposure Co, we pride ourselves in working with influencers on Instagram who know how to create an impact, are trendsetters and have authority within a certain topic or industry.


Our Instagram influencers have an established credibility within a specific topic or industry. We team them up with our clients to drive brand awareness within a specific niche, boost sales, create content and/or encourage conversations around a certain topic.


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