Brisbane Influencers

Located on the beautiful eastern coast of Australia, Brisbane is the perfect destination for up-and-coming young talent. Sunny weather, stunning beaches, and vibrant nightlife attract influencers in a number of different industries.


The restaurant scene attracts plenty of Brisbane foodie influencers, while its proximity to nature and weekend trips makes it perfect for travel and fitness influencers. Brisbane’s beautiful scenery inspires local creators to make incredible content and build their followings.


Here are some more of our favorite Brisbane-based influencers.


Shani Grimmond (@shanigrimmond)

Grimmond is a beauty guru on the rise, sharing her makeup tutorials and creative looks on Instagram, YouTube, and more. In addition to her beauty content, she shares travel vlogs, fashion videos, and plenty of other engaging content.


Bella Fiori (@isabella_fiori)

Fiori has made a splash on YouTube over the past few years thanks to her warm and bubbly personality and a charming sense of style. Fiori posts fashion hauls and beauty looks, but she’s also become known for her ‘Mystery Monday’ series where she dives into true crime cases.


Cartia Mallan (@cartiamallan)

Mallan is a model, YouTuber, and Instagrammer. Originally hailing from Bribsane, Cartia now resides on the Gold Coast. Her YouTube videos are a mix of daily vlogs, hauls, and travel content. She’s also very candid about serious issues like bullying and mental health.


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