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The makeup and beauty industries have changed drastically over the past decade, in part thanks to beauty influencers. A beauty or makeup influencer is someone who shares their beauty routines on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Beauty bloggers on YouTube started posting makeup tutorials, hauls, and skincare routines in the early aughts, teaching a generation of teenagers how to do their makeup. Many beauty influencers also developed strong followings on Instagram, making use of the stories and IGTV features. Here are some of the top beauty bloggers on YouTube and Instagram that are changing the industry.

Nikkie de Jager:
de Jager started her YouTube channel, nikkietutorials, in 2008, and has since become one of the most well-known beauty authorities online. She also has an Instagram, @nikkietutorials, with 12.9 million followers. She has worked as a makeup artist in her home country of the Netherlands. She has also collaborated with beauty brands Ofra and Maybelline.

Lauren Curtis:
Lauren Curtis is one of the top Australian beauty influencers. She came to popularity due to her sunny disposition and accessible makeup looks. In addition to posting about makeup, she also shares her hair and skincare tips as well as her favorite clothing brands.

Jeffree Star:
Jeffree Star is one of the most visible beauty bloggers on Instagram and YouTube. He is known for his creative, androgynous makeup looks and has been a trailblazer for men in the beauty industry. He founded his own line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, in 2014. He has been very controversial because of his feuds with other beauty industry figureheads as well as his brash comments.

Huda Kattan:
Kattan is one of the most popular beauty bloggers on Instagram, with over 35 million followers. She is based in Dubai, where she runs her makeup line, Huda Beauty. The brand is known for their inclusive shade range as well as their bold, shimmery eyeshadow colours. Kattan continues to post makeup tutorials and inspirational content on Instagram.

Jaclyn Hill:
Hill got her start on YouTube in 2011, when she was working as a MAC makeup artist. She started posting her own makeup tutorials online, often inspired by celebrity looks. Her channel quickly grew in popularity, and she went on to collaborate with Kim Kardashian and with makeup brands BECCA and Morphe.

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