Influencer Marketing Services


The Exposure Co. offers a diverse range of Instagram Influencer Marketing solutions to achieve your campaign goals. Here’s an overview of how we can help build awareness and hype around your product or service.


Brand ambassadors – We match your brand with relevant ambassadors to help rally a dedicated following and create continuous conversation around your product or service.


Product or Service Launch Promotion – We engage influencers to promote and build hype around your new product, service and/or product extension.


Campaign Amplification – Running a campaign as part of your offline marketing strategy, on your website, or on other social channels? We can help you amplify the campaign and translate it to Instagram.


Influencer PR and Events – We profile and engage top influencers to attend and/or promote your branded events.


Attract Locals – We help you engage and reach out to targeted, local consumers by teaming you up with relevant influencers in that space.


Tap Into a New Audience- We help you tap into new audiences, break into new markets and shift your online conversation by teaming you up with influencers in new spaces.


Boost Your Hashtag – We engage relevant influencers to help boost and build continuous conversation around your hashtags.


Content Creation – We engage influencers to create beautifully branded content for your Instagram account.




Instagram Consulting – Our consulting services can help you develop a deeper understand of the apps functionality, uncover strategic goals and objectives, aid in the creation of a content calendar, and implement a tactical plan.


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