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If you love funny memes on Instagram and can’t help but tag your gals in a pic that is “OMG so true” or “LOL this is so us” then you need to join 1.2million Instagram users and follow @girlwithnojob. The account is full of memes about beauty, boys, sassy girls, best friends, food, health and fitness and celebrities, so jump on the bandwagon, there’s usually a couple of new uploads a day so there’s no doubt you’ll be ROFL-ing in no time.

Girl with no job

Image credit:  @girlwithnojob



Another one for all-round LOLs, the @buzzfeed Instagram nails it every time. It’s everything you love about just in a visual format. Tag your friends, family, work mates or significant other to brighten their day with a gag when they check Instagram.


Image credit: @buzzfeed



Crazy cat ladies can rejoice, because there is a strange Instagram account that is perfect for you! @cuteboys_withcats will pull at your heart strings and make you want to find a cute, cat-loving guy all of your own. Sorry kitties, the cute boys win this time.

Cute boys with cats

Image credit: @cuteboys_withcats



A New York based graphic designer with a sense of humour and an art for manipulating images has 226,000 followers laughing along with him. Why? Because he photoshops himself into celebrity images, and he does a pretty good job of it too. Khloe Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and Rihanna have all fallen victim to @peejet and his photoshop skills, so no one is off limits.


Image credit: @peejet



If you love and loathe Instagram at the same time, than you’ll love @satiregram, which basically makes fun of the visual social networking concept. With posts that read “my iced tea in a mason jar,” “look at this door” and “a vacation picture from at least three years ago to show that I love travelling” you’ll be able to laugh along at the ridiculous nature of Instagram and the pictures we post. No judgement on our end though!


Image credit: @satiregram



If you’re one of those people who loves cat videos on Youtube, then you need to jump on the @cashcats bandwagon. Never heard of it? It’s exactly what you think it is – cats with stacks of cash.

Cash Cats

Image credit: @cashcats



Whether you’re a serial Tinder user or are in a loved-up couple who don’t trawl Tinder, all can enjoy the strange, awkward and utterly embarrassing mess of Tinder conversations. Learn some new pick up lines and tips to keep the conversation going with your new chat mate, or perhaps learn what not to do. We’ll leave that one up to you.


Image credit: @tinderconvos



If you’ve got kids or have done a babysitting stint you’ll agree, kids can be the worst. If you need some sympathy or just a laugh next time you munchkins are drawing on the walls or covering themselves in mud from head to toe, search @kidsaretheworst and crack open a bottle of wine.

kids are the worst

Image credit: @kidsaretheworst



I don’t think there’s anything worse than other passengers on long haul flights that don’t give any consideration to the people around them. You know those people with their feet on the chair, scraps of food beside them and rubbish left behind them. Or even worse, the ones that complain about everything. Next time you’re stuck with an unbearable passenger, flick to @passengershaming and you’ll be able to laugh at the situation in no time.

passenger shaming

Image credit: @passengershaming



When bae’s cooking is a disaster, @cookingforbae will make it look 10 times better instantly. It’s an Instagram feed full of utterly disgusting meals that one loved up person has cooked for their other half in an attempt to be domestic and cute. It backfires, and slop is served with wishful captions.

cooking for bae

Image credit:@cookingforbae



@youdidnoteatthat makes a joke of those images you see of fit girls posing with naughty food. Some have a tray of McDonalds fries in bed with them or a greasy burger in both hands as they ‘pretend’ to take a bite, while others artfully splash their face with icing and cream, for the photo opportunity. Some of them are probably just basking in cheat day, while others, it is obvious they certainly did not eat that.

you did not eat that

Image credit:  @youdidnoteatthat



Memes for the betches, what’s not to love. With 2.5 million followers on Instagram @betches is full of puns and gags for the gals, and there’s often a celebrity appearance or movie scene for extra lols. It’s weird and random, but you can’t deny a double tap here and there.


Image credit: @betches



French bulldogs in fancy dress, YES PLEASE. This odd Instagram account captures the adventures of two French bulldogs as their parents adorn them in tutus, star wars props, rabbit ears, Christmas hats, sombreros, masquerade masks and wigs. It’s hard to tell if they’re loving it or hating it, but either way their super cute.


Image credit: @trotterpup

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