Have you used Boomerang? The cool kids are using it and here’s why!

Just like the name suggests, Instagram’s Boomerang app has us coming back for more.

And it seems we aren’t the only ones hooked with top Instagram brands like @refinery29 and @benefitcosmetics, and full time mega babe @karliekloss jumping on the Boomerang bandwagon.

Killing time on set today playing with the new #boomerang app

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Apart from being a great way to create babe’in bubblegum clips, Boomerang for Instagram, like many of the Instagram related apps, is the perfect way for users to captivate and create original, eye-catching content and portray a message in a matter of seconds.

If you are unfamiliar with Boomerang – here’s a quick run down. Basically, the app takes a mini series of photos and bounds them together to create a looping one second video, or a GIF as the youngsters call ‘em these days. It’s very simple to use – once the app is downloaded, the user simply needs to tap the shutter button to shoot a sequence, using either the front or back camera.


The app then automatically saves the clip to your camera roll and you can upload your work to Instagram in a single click. Your Boomerang clip is uploaded like any other Instagram upload – so yes, that’s right filter fans, you can add filters and edit it like you would a regular Instagram photo. #valencialove

If you are super chuffed with your work you can spread your Boomerang love further by simply pressing the “more” icon in the app. This will let you share via Twitter, iMessage, email and other apps that make use of your phones sharing feature. Yet another brilliant way to spam your friends, family and colleagues with your awesomeness.

So how does this apply to brands?

For brands looking to capture attention and win followers on Instagram, Boomerang might be exactly what you need to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Nowadays, it is inevitably harder than ever to capture our consumer’s attention, and let’s face it, the competition is strong. Fortunately, Boomerang content is highly shareable so, if executed correctly, can boost engagement and allow marketers to get their creative juicing going for even the most boring of brands.

It is also a great way to tap into consumer’s emotions. Taco Bell have, (perhaps too effectively), spoken to our “hunger” emotions in this clip.


Don’t even think about it. #Boomerang

A video posted by Taco Bell (@tacobell) on


But with all the positives stated, we should warn you, the app is addictive. You may find yourself mindlessly taking selfies or running after the cat to get the perfect candid shot…Or was that just us?

Either way, get on it!

Has your brand benefitted from Instagram’s new Boomerang app? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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