Top Australian Foodie Influencers To Follow In 2021

Top Australian Foodie Influencers To Follow In 2021

What is life without delicious food photos and recipes? Food influencers have arguably been setting this delicious trend since the dawn of social media. Drooling over foodie photos is unashamedly a popular pastime for many of us, let’s face it.

If you’re looking to feed your irresistible cravings for awe-inspiring food that will never go out of style, you have come to the right place. Here is a curated list of creative, and knowledgeable Australian food gurus you could collaborate with. Be prepared to be inspired and induced into a delightful culinary food coma.

Teresa Cutter – The Healthy Chef

Teresa’s instagram is about celebrating the elegance and power of pure, wholesome and unadulterated ingredients. She describes her content as culinary luxury. She is the founding director of The Healthy Chef Functional Food Range that consists of organically sourced proteins, superfoods, teas and nutritional based wholefood products.

Georgia McDermott – Georgeats

Georgia has been inspired by great food, good coffee and traveling the world. For years she has been building her Instagram feed with delicious photos and recipes. Her curated foodie feed is inundated with mouth-watering delights that are sure to have you drooling in no time. It’s well worth checking out this gluten free, FODMAP friendly and mostly vegetarian food influencer out.

Elizabeth Hewson – Elizabethhewson

Elizabeth is a budding master chef. For her, food and cooking is the way she connects with the world.  She loves simple, comforting cuisine that makes the most of humble ingredients. Elizabeth achieved her dream of launching a cookbook and has received endorsements from food heavyweights such as Sophie McComas.

Some of her collaborations include Cleo Magazine, The Versatile Gent, Breakfast with Audrey, The Today Show, Broadsheet, Real Living Magazine, Good Food, Inside Out Magazine, Daily Life, amongst others.

Jacqueline Alwil – Brownpapernutrition 

Jacqueline Alwill’s food encompasses healthy and holistic living. She is largely passionate about improving the health of others and because of this amazing endeavour, she founded The Brown Paper Bag with the purpose of inspiring her clients and sharing with them her love for nutritious food in a simple yet creative way. She is evidently a leading nutritionist, health writer, and presenter.

If this isn’t enough to entice your appetite, then comment and tag some amazing Australian foodie influencers you love to follow!

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