Snapchat Influencers

Over the past decade, Snapchat has completely transformed the way we communicate online. The platform allows users to share short videos and pictures in a very relaxed, casual way. Snapchat differs from other platforms in that posts disappear after 24 hours, which makes Snapchat influencer marketing a great way to drive real-time engagement. Here are some of the top Snapchat influencers posting right now.


Logan Paul: Paul initially started posting short, funny videos on Vine. When that platform folded, he moved over to Snapchat with huge success. His entertaining videos have led to broader internet success – he also has a YouTube channel with 20 million subscribers and a podcast called Impaulsive.


Frankie Greek: Greek is an all-around social media specialist, with a huge Snapchat influencer account  as well as a presence on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram. She’s particularly well-known for producing and hosting social media takeovers with popular brands.


Amanda Cerny: Cerny currently works as a model and actress, and documents funny episodes from her daily life on her Snapchat. She got her start posting videos on Vine and working as a Playboy model, and has used Snapchat to grow her personal brand. She also has a popular Instagram and YouTube channel.


Evan Garber: Garber uses his Snapchat to promote his artwork – he specializes in abstract paintings. He also uses his social media expertise to help brands with their influencer marketing on Snapchat. He’s been at the forefront of art and creativity on the platform. Garber is a proud Boston native who got his start in engineering before switching to a more creative field.


Nadia Fairfax: Fairfax is one of the top Australian Snapchat influencers in addition to being a successful model and actress. She uses her Snapchat to share behind-the-scenes moments from her life on set. She is currently based in Sydney.


King Bach: Bach is a Canadian influencer who got his start as the most followed person on Vine. He eventually transitioned to Snapchat, where he continues to share hilarious sketch-style videos. His online success has lead to roles in TV comedies as well as sponsorships with major brands.

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