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Podcasts are a fun way to learn new things and stay entertained, particularly on a long commute. While many popular podcasts are professionally made, it’s easier than ever for anyone to create their own podcast now. In fact, there are many Instagram influencer podcasts and YouTuber podcasts where popular online personalities talk about the things they’re passionate about. Podcast influencer marketing has also made it easy for growing brands to reach their target audiences. Here are some of the best influencer podcasts to listen to.


Ingrid Nilsen’s One Step: Nilsen got her start as a YouTube beauty vlogger, but her work has evolved into so much more than that. In 2019, Nilsen launched her podcast One Step, where she talks about growth and transformation. She continues to post YouTube videos as well, but with an expanded focus that includes fashion, health, culture, and LGBTQ issues.


Sophia Amoruso’s GirlBoss Radio: Sophia Amoruso got her start in the fashion industry by founding the clothing company NastyGal. She later wrote the wildly successful book GirlBoss, and developed a huge social media following as a result. On her podcast, GirlBoss Radio, she interviews successful women in a number of different industries.


Osher Gunsberg’s Better Than Yesterday: Gunsberg is one of the most visible Australian podcast influencers. He’s widely known for hosting the Aussie versions of the Bachelor franchise. On his podcast, Better Than Yesterday, he interviews notable people from around the world, from comedians to activists to athletes and much more.


Cassy Ho & Lisa Bilyeu’s The Sheroic Podcast: This though-provoking podcast discusses a wide range of issues modern women face, including career challenges, dating, maintaining friendships, and more. It’s hosted by Cassy Ho, the founder of the immensely successful Blogilates YouTube channel, and Lisa Bilyeu, who co-founded Quest Nutrition.


Grace Helbig’s Not Too Deep: Helbig found huge success during the early days of YouTube posting comedy videos. Now she hosts “Not Too Deep”, where she gets goofy with popular internet personalities, actors, musicians, and more.


Meghan Rienks’ Don’t Blame Me: This is another influencer podcast by a famous YouTuber – Megan Rienks initially found online success posting beauty and fashion videos with a bold sense of humor. Her podcast, “Don’t Blame Me”, is a call-in advice show, where listeners ask questions about relationships, mental health, and the big life decisions we all face. Rienks brings her trademark sense of humor and questionable advice to the podcast.

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