Influencer Q&A with Zack Lucas from @zacklucass

In today’s influencer Q&A we sit down with Zack Lucas from @zacklucass. We chat with him about his off-road, solo adventure around Australia and what to expect from him over the next 12 months.

Tell us a bit about your background and how you came about starting @zacklucass

Well, I am 23 years old. I grew up on the East Coast of Australia, finished year 12 and did the normal thing where you get a trade or go to uni. I finished my trade in swimming pool building and after 4.5 years of that I realised that whole lifestyle wasn’t for me and I wasn’t as happy as I should be. I already had my troopy and my dog and decided in February 2019 that I was going to go to Europe for a month in July/August and when I got home – no matter my financial situation – I was going to start driving around Australia. I’ve always had a passion for travel, adventure, the ocean and photography so I am combining them all, living my dream and only working along the way when I have to.

Your photos are breathtaking, what sparked your interest in content creation?

I have always had a bit of a creative mind and always had an interest in photography. I’ve always wanted to travel around Australia like a lot of people so I made it happen. I knew I would be seeing amazing locations every day so I decided to upgrade all my old camera gear and re-spark my passion for creating content.

Where do you get your creative inspiration?

I’m inspired by so many people haha. I follow a big group of like-minded people who are also traveling Australia and the content they produce is amazing – it really inspires me. It pushes me to get out and spend my days exploring and try to take some nice photos along the way. I also love to follow ocean/wildlife photographers. I spend most of my days around or in the ocean so I love seeing the crazy content people create around it.

Describe your perfect day.

Perfect day…. about 30 degrees, the sun is out, the wind is calm, the waves are good and the water is clear.

I’ve been having a lot of these days lately and I’m not even dreaming. I’m parked on the beach as I write this.

What has been your favourite discovery on your solo adventures?

This is hard, but to put it pretty simply I believe you choose your own happiness. Do things you enjoy, eat a healthy diet and you’ll feel better than ever.

Before this trip I was working a job and had stopped doing all the things I loved.  Now I do what I love every day and I’m growing and changing all the time – I’m happier than ever.

We love following your journey, what can we expect to see on @zacklucass over the next year?

Thank you! Lots more saltwater. This year is going to be massssiivee for me. I’ve got another month or two of work in Esperance, WA then I’m off again.

I’ve really opened things up and got myself a little boat to take up the west coast. I’m really excited for this year!!

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