Influencer Q&A with Hannah Singleton from @healthsynergy

Today we shine the spotlight on Hannah Singleton, co-founder of Health Synergy – the healthy wellness platform helping their followers find the best version of themselves.

Tell us a bit about your background and why you created @healthsynergy

Health Synergy is a mother-daughter team that evolved from a mutual passion for health. My mum (Jen) has been studying and/or practicing as a nutritionist/naturopath for 20 years. As for me, I am a 21 year old media and communications student at the University of Sydney with a strong interest in photography, styling and recipe-development. We created @healthsynergy about two years ago as a creative outlet to share some of my mum’s amazing recipes and vast nutritional knowledge. Since then, we have created many new recipes including lots of desserts that use wholesome, natural ingredients, reflecting our philosophy that following a healthy diet does not mean you need to deprive yourself of the foods you love (even sweets).

Your account is full of delicious health foods! What sparked your interest in health and wellness?

My interest in health and wellness was inspired by my Mum. Having a nutritionist as a mum, I have always eaten fairly healthily but it wasn’t until I was about 15 that I began to take a personal interest in it. I love the way that eating healthy foods makes me feel and the difference it makes to my energy levels and overall functioning. More than that, I love the taste and the sense of feeling nourished. For me, eating healthy foods is far from a chore.

Tell us more about your app! What’s in it and where can we find it?

Our app showcases over 150 recipes, all of which are refined sugar free, most are gluten free and dairy free (as well as having a number of vegan options). We update the app frequently (at no extra cost) so it is an ever-growing collection of delicious recipes. All recipes contain nutritional information about a key ingredient. For example, something with chocolate may contain information about the nutritional benefits of cacao. The Health Synergy app can be purchased from the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Our focus is on nutrient density and providing as much choice as possible to cater to many dietary requirements. We are constantly working to create new content that is nut free, egg free, FODMAP friendly, for example.

What inspires your recipe creations?

A lot of our recipes (particularly the savoury ones) are simply recipes that my Mum has made my brother and I for years. Turning them into shareable recipes, however has required a lot of work as my mum is not really one for writing down (or following) recipes! As for the desserts, we love looking at traditional recipes and swapping certain ingredients for healthy alternatives and of course, dramatically reducing sugar content. For example, we often use coconut oil in place of butter, and a small amount of coconut nectar (or medjool dates) in place of large quantities of refined sugar.

Describe your perfect day off.

Oddly enough, we often spend our days off working on Health Synergy, whether that is cooking, catching up on emails or brainstorming new recipe ideas. Goes to show that if you love what you do, it really doesn’t feel much like work.

So for me, the perfect day off would involve waking up early, making a big acai bowl (my favourite acai recipe is on our app), taking my dog Heidi for a walk in the park, going for a swim at Bondi Beach and coming home for an afternoon baking sesh. The day would be topped off with a nice dinner with my closest friends and family.

We love following your journey, what exciting things can we expect from @healthsynergy over the next year?

We are constantly thinking about what’s next for Health Synergy and we always have many ideas on the go. Our next big project will involve working on a hard cover recipe book which we aim to complete sometime next year. This project would be in collaboration with my close friend, Sophie Fisher (@coconutandbliss). As well as that, we plan to make a few changes to our app and of course, it will be continuously updated with exciting new content.

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