How to Grow a Large Following on Social Media

Whether you are looking to grow a huge following on Social Media for business or personal use, we’ve outlined some tips to help you on your way.

The first step is to have a clear goal of what you want to achieve with your page. Is it to drive sales for your brand? To build a personal brand for career reasons? Or simply to have fun showing off your cooking skills and perhaps get some free products along the way?

After you know your goal, the next step is to build a Social Media Strategy. Your Social Media Strategy should be:





Let’s break that down:

  • BE CLEAR: Write down specifically what you want to achieve; e.g. 5k Instagram followers. From knowing what you want, we move onto the why; e.g. I want to grow a huge following to increase brand awareness for my business, or to gain credibility as an influencer to collaborate with brands.


  • BE MEASURABLE AND CONSISTENT: We then move onto how which outlines what you will do to gain the 5k followersYou will need to come up with a plan which is measurable. For example; I am going to post every second day which builds consistency on my Social Media platforms. From these posts, I can measure the engagement (likes and comments) to find what posts followers are engaging with and what posts they aren’t.


Pro tips for what to post:


  • Let your content be conversational and entertaining so it’s attractive to your followers.
  • If you share promotional items, don’t overdo it. Balance your feed with behind the scene images, quotes, videos, followers testimonials, etc.
  • Make a point to interact with your audience, especially those who comment on your content. This shows humbleness and others will see you commenting back, increasing their likelihood to comment next time.
  • If your followers aren’t engaging with a certain type of content i.e. quotes, stop posting them and replace them with something else.


Use Instagram stories: 


Stories are increasingly attracting more and more marketers because they can be created on your phone and consumed on the go. It is a trend that will continue to grow beyond 2019. If you are unfamiliar with Instagram stories, catch up our most recent blog post of  How to Use Instagram Story Highlights Effectively

Story tips:


  • Start testing your Social Media Strategy with Stories, this way you can see what your audience likes and what they don’t.
  • Try to create Stories that are specific to a target audience; people of a certain age, demographic, gender, interest.
  • Apply different Story structures to your campaign to identify the best structure for your Stories. Personalised behind the scene structures may work better than a more professional video.
  • Don’t fail to use the Stories “Highlight” features to upgrade your strategy.


There are no quick, easy ways to grow a large social media following and it will take time. Unless you buy followers of course. But remember, if you purchase followers you will gain no real engagement with your content from the simple fact that your followers aren’t real! You need a genuine following of people who find value and enjoy what you post, that’s where the loyalty and success comes in.


We would love to know your advice on how to grow a huge social media following, please leave a comment below.



Emma McCoy Lovell is a Food, Heath, and Social Media Enthusiast. Emma is originally from New Zealand but is now based in Melbourne, Australia for a change of lifestyle and opportunity. She is a beginner in her blog writing and has a strong interest in social media along with all its aspects. Her goal is to become a social media expert with skills in blog writing, photography, management and more.



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