Health and Fitness Influencers

Health influencers share their workout routines, recipes, and other health tips on Instagram and other social media platforms. Many health and wellness Instagram influencers aim to motivate their followers to live a healthier lifestyle, and give tips to make healthy living more accessible for the average person. Here are some of the top health and fitness influencers on social media right now.


Simeon Panda: Panda is a leading male fitness influencer originally from the UK. He is a professional bodybuilder and has won many Musclemania competitions around the world. He also has 5.9 million followers on Instagram as well as 1.5 million YouTube subscribers. He uses these platforms to share his weight lifting and workout routines. He also has his own fitness clothing company called Just Lift.


Kayla Itsines: Itsines is one of the most influential Australian health and fitness influencers. She rose to popularity by sharing her accessible workout routines on Instagram, where she has garnered 12 million followers. She has since started the Bikini Body Guide online workout program, and recently launched a health and fitness app called Sweat with Kayla.


Michelle Lewin: Lewin is a model and bodybuilder originally from Venezuela who has gained a massive Instagram following of 13.5 million people. She now has an app called FitPlan where users can learn new workouts and track their progress, as well as a corresponding MealPlan app for nutrition. She also has several different lines of workout gear and accessories.


Emily Skye: Skye is another popular Australian health and fitness influencer who focuses on helping mums get back in shape after giving birth. She has a focus on realistic workouts and encourages followers to take a positive attitude towards their bodies. She has recently launched her own online fitness program, called Emily Skye Fit, and frequently collaborates with leading fitness apparel brands.


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