How to create videos like a Youtuber

How to Create Videos Like Your Favourite YouTube Influencers

Video is kind of a big deal. Touted as the next big thing  in the digital space, it’s something more people are trying out for themselves.

Not only are people creating more video, but we as users are watching a lot more video too. It’s estimated video will account for 82% of internet traffic in 2021! (ref)

You may have gotten to the point of deciding that “hey, I’m going to give this video thing a go” or “oh I accidentally opened my phone onto front facing camera (hey double chin!)”. Either way, you would have noticed that what you are seeing on that screen recording – smartphone or professional camera aside – it’s definitely not on par with the vlogs you see online.

It’s not just that vloggers know how to manipulate a few settings or editing tools (believe me they do). It’s more than that. They have an arsenal of tools and tricks that keep their videos looking slick even before they get to the editing software.

While there is no vlogger illuminati with magical videography powers (that we know of), we can take you behind the scenes and pull back the curtain on some of the simple tactics that will take your video from 1 to 100.

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s a ring light

If a beauty vlogger doesn’t have a ring light, are they really a beauty vlogger? Not by 2017 standards. The humble ring light, that is, a light akin to a vertical halo, has become immensely popular in the YouTuber community. It’s also nicknamed the beauty light because it illuminates one’s face from all angles eliminating unsightly shadows and uneven light. It gives a sort of glow AND means there is no need for multiple box lights (and a serious studio setup). You can even get ring lights for smartphones for beauty vlogger lighting on the go.

Sharp sound

This is a top priority. Playback audio taken on a smartphone and it will likely make you cringe. You will hear messy background noise, echo-ing speech and a host of other audio sins. As viewer is more likely to forgive poor visual quality than poor audio quality. And while getting professionally mic-ed up can seem a bit intimidating, there are simple lapel options or handheld microphones ranging from $50-$200. If people stop watching your videos after a few seconds and you aren’t sure why, check the audio quality.

rode microphone and video camera, snow.Image credit: Oziel Gomez


Yes, many YouTube influencers have risen to prominence from the humble settings of their bedroom but leaving dirty washing on the floor, visible dirty mirrors or harsh fluorescent lighting isn’t going to do you any favours. To be safe, pick a clean space that has good natural lighting. A plain wall may be better than a busy background if you want to remain the focus of the shot. Or, get a cost-effective backdrop set and decorate the in-frame space with décor that fits your theme. Perhaps some of the props you use for flat lays (more on how to master those here).

Setting for creating videos. Gold streamer backdrop.Image credit: Jakob Owens

Whether you want to be the next Jenna Marbles or simply step up your video game a notch, pay attention to those three areas and you will be on your way to video mastery.

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