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Since The Exposure Co. was founded in 2015, the Australian Influencer Marketing industry has matured ten-fold. From what started as a few, first-mover fashion and beauty brands sending influencers product samples to try, is now one of the leading and top performing marketing strategies in the country.


Now with almost 8 in 10 Australians using social media, Influencer Marketing is no longer limited to a certain industry or demographic. Branching further than the fashion and beauty industry, some of our most popular campaigns come from clients in the travel, lifestyle, tech, professional services and health industries (to name a few!).


For these brands, influencers are a cost-effective, highly personalised way to speak to their target audience.


Word of mouth marketing (WOM) has always been the golden ingredient when it comes to a successful marketing mix, and with Influencer Marketing, brands are able to achieve WOM at scale.


But as powerful as it may be, it is important to remember that not every influencer is created equal and there are many factors that can determine the success or demise of an influencer campaign.


Put simply, the power of influencer marketing lies with the ability to team the right brand with the right influencers to reach the right audience.


As a leading influencer PR company in Australia, we pride ourselves in helping brands discover and collaborate with the right influencers. Whether you are a local brand looking to promote your business within the domestic community, or an international brand looking to launch or promote your business here with Australian social media influencers – we have a customised influencer marketing strategy available for you.


Our database of Australian influencers includes a mix of local, micro influencers, as well as top Australian social media celebrities. Our micro Australian Instagram influencers are popular among local brands looking to build hype within a niche group or location, and our top tier influencer celebrities are key to building heightened reach and brand awareness.


Within these influencer groups, we use our follower analysis tools to delve into our influencer’s follower insights. These insights provide us a breakdown of our influencers most engaged followers and uncover detailed audience data such as gender split, age, location, language and other specialised matchmaking information for our clients.


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