5 Weird Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

Instagram is a fun place to be. There are beautiful pictures, food that makes you salivate, brilliant fashion shots, loads of inspiration and of course, lots of lols. So we thought it was fitting to bring you a round up of the 5 weirdest Instagram accounts that are buzzing right now.


Instagram, nutella adventures, wardere

If you like Nutella, or perhaps you have a friend who is a Nutella fiend, then you need to click through and start following @wardere pronto. Essentially, it’s an ‘adventures of Nutella’ themed account, complete with a gallery of pictures starring jars and buckets of the glorious hazelnut spread in different locations. Think Nutella in the playground, Nutella by the sea, Nutella at the carwash and Nutella in a tree; Nutella in the snow, Nutella in the sky, Nutella doing headstands and Nutella doing crime. Jump on that bandwagon people and wait for this guy to hit Insta-fame, because when he does, you can proudly be all like “I followed him before he was famous.”


Instagram, hot dudes reading

Whether you’re the intellectual type or just love the sight of a dude and his book, this account definitely makes the ladies swoon. With 628K followers and just 90 posts, this one is all about quality over quantity. The best part is @hotdudesreading doesn’t have a type, so expect to see good looking male specimens reading on public transport, with children, in the defence force, shirtless at the beach and in suits on commute. If you’re not into hot dudes reading (come on, really?!) then the captions alone are worthy of a follow for some great LOLS.


Instagram, baddie winkle
@baddiewinkle takes the cake when it comes to weird Instagram accounts. Everyone knows their parents, aunties and grandmothers are causing a ruckus on social media, but when it comes to @baddiewinkle, the fun is only just beginning. Yup, @baddiewinkle is leading the way and has a loyal following of 1 million people waiting for her next weird picture to go live. It’s so odd that you simply can’t look away.


Instagram, miserable men shopping
You know the husband chair? The one that sits in the corner of almost every women’s clothing, shoe and lingerie store, reserved for restless boyfriends and husbands who have been dragged to the shops against their will. Well some clever person decided to document these poor lads and, in doing so, they’ve impressed a whopping 181K people who laugh along side them at every new upload. Like @hotdudesreading, this Instagram account has a high level of stalker snaps associated with every post, but that’s what makes it all the more weird.


pug instagram
Not a cat person but feel like you’re missing out on the party? Here’s your procrastination solution – pug pictures. Follow @jermzlee for gorgeous, and sometimes strange, pictures of a lone pug, with guest appearances by his creative owner who clearly has too much time on his hands. Pug selfies anyone?

That’s our take on some of Instagram’s weird inhabitants, although we’re almost certain there’s more. Let us know the weirdest Instagram account that you follow in the comments below – we’re always up for some Instagram gags!

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