About The Exposure Co.



The concept for The Exposure Co. was developed in 2013 when trying to recruit influential Australian Instagrammers to promote a new e-commerce business.


In the absence of a useful Instagram search functionality, finding the right influencers took hours of manually crawling through the platform hoping to stumble across individuals who fit the brief. To add to the frustration, some of these influencers who initially showed interest would prove to be unreliable (or just down right dishonest).


BUT!  The influencers who did deliver produced amazing results and the overall campaign was a huge success in terms of brand exposure and ultimately sales.


The massive potential of Influencer Marketing had been confirmed however the process required some tweaking.



The Exposure Co. provides a reliable and time efficient solution for influencer marketing through our existing database of trusted influential Australian Instagrammers.


While most other influencer platforms focus only on the ‘insta-celebs’ with millions of followers, here at The Exposure Co. we recognise the huge value in working with multiple niche Instagrammers and their more intimate audiences.  Their followers are more likely to be in your geographic market and the connection with their followers is generally stronger meaning that your campaign is more likely to translate into sales!


We love working across a diverse range of industries and provide custom strategies to suit any product or service.


We’re pioneering a whole new approach to influencer marketing and whether you’re a brand or an influencer we’d love to hear from you.



Like what you see? We’ll only need a few details from you, then we can send you our pricing and a bit about how we work.

or email us at hello@theexposure.co